The Toy Museum in the Old Count's
Chambers of Prague Castle
Jiřská ulice / George Lane 6

The Golden Age of Toys
The former Count's Chambers of Prague Castle
house an exhibition of unique examples of old
European and American toys on two floors. In seven
large rooms containing sixty showcases, part
of the family collection of Ivan Steiger, the film
maker and cartoonist, can be seen. His Toy Museum
in the tower of the Old Town Hall in Munich has
already been in existence for ten years and enjoys
great popularity.
Steiger's collection of classical toys concentrates
on the 150 year history of toys made from wood
and tin, of dolls, doll's houses and models of houses
belonging to the middle-class and the nobility,
reconstructed down to the smallest detail. The history
of the "Golden Age of Toys" begins with coaches
drawn by teams of tin horses, with cars
and motor cycles, continuing with aircraft, airplanes,
paddle-steamers and ocean-going liners and closing
with toy trains, including the oldest Märklin engines,
train stations and every accessory possible.
Farms are populated by animals from the woods
and fields, exotic wild animals are presented in a zoo
and in circus rings and clockwork tin clowns bring
to life a world of swings and roundabouts.
In addition, the old teddy-bears deserve a mention,
several hundred Barbie dolls, tin robots,
steam-engines, Schuco cars, building bricks
and games, physical, optical and musical toys
and many other surprises, not forgetting the most
famous and most valuable tin toy clockwork wonders
from France, Germany and America.

Open daily from 9.30 to 17.30 h.
during the season.